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Navigate the Maze of Credit Confusion

We Have the Tools You Need to Build and Improve Your Credit

Building credit can be a tricky thing, especially since there is no one clear written set of rules. To make it worse, many of the general rules that we understand seem to be more than a little counter intuitive. Repairing and improving your existing credit can sometimes be even more difficult with additional challenges such as tracking down companies who are reporting negative information on your credit report and submitting requests. But worry no more, because now Credit Ave is here to help you navigate the complicated maze of numbers, companies, creditors, and collectors that are your credit.

Build Your Credit With Credit Cards and Credit Lines

If you have little or no credit, there are credit cards and other credit lines out there that are specially designed for people in your exact situation. Most do not require a credit score at all and many will provide a line of credit, even if you have had credit issues in the past. There are many to choose from and each creditor and each program are different in their own unique ways. research each opportunity to find a few that will work best for you and your situation.

Repair Your Credit With Experienced Professionals

There are many services out there that will offer to help you repair your credit for a fee. Be sure to do your research and find a company that is highly rated and reputable with experience in this field. These services generally will call each of your creditors on your behalf and dispute any negative or misrepresented information on your credit report. If the company reporting this negative information cannot support the information they are reporting, they often times will choose to withdraw which will cause the negative or misreported items to be removed from your credit report. With the right team of experienced professionals, this type of service can have a dramatic positive impact on your credit score.

Additionally, if you have negative reports on your credit that are legitimately owed such as old medical bills, utility bills, student loans, car loans, credit cards, or other lines of credit, the credit repair services will often work on your behalf to negotiate arrangements for you to get these accounts back on track and reporting in good status. Often times accounts such as these can have an even more positive affect on your credit rating because rather than just vanishing, they actually may change from a bad reporting account to a good reporting account and the longer a credit line has been established, the greater benefit it can have on your account.

Start By Requesting Your Credit Report

Lately, it seems like a new service comes along every day offering to monitor your credit, give you free credit reports, and sometimes even give you tips on where you could make some improvements. This too can be a tricky subject to navigate as it is hard to know what websites you can trust with the sensitive information required to get these credit reports online. Furthermore, many of these websites provide you with a watered down version of your credit report, and nickel and dime you for the information you really need to start making improvements. Others charge you large up front fees or force you to sign up for monthly service contracts usually ranging anywhere from12-24 months. There are a few reputable sites that can help you with the information that your really need and are totally free to use. There are some limits to these resources and if these don’t meet your needs, there are also some reputable paid sites that offer less restricted services for very reasonable fees.